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The new standard in customer experience.

When the experience is the product - LAVA is the best software for realtime customer experience marketing. Deliver the right experience at the right moment to deepen customer loyalty and increase spend.

Experiences are moments that customers remember.

Customer jouneys are complex. LAVA helps brands focus instead on customer moments that matter most. Make a good experience even better. Turn around a bad experience while the customer is still here. Happy customers spend more and come back for more - it's that simple.

What does it take to engage customers
"in the moment?"

connect to everything

LAVA connects with all people and connected devices (iot) - in realtime.

connect the dots in realtime

LAVA captures customer behavior and context, then uses analytics and Realtime AI™ to orchestrate the right experience at the right moment.

activate instant campaigns

LAVA is easy to use. Designed by marketers, for marketers. Activate campaigns in minutes - not months - while minimizing burden on corporate IT.

we love our customers. we work with innovators. we work with thought-leaders. We work with difference-makers. we will do whatever it takes to make our customers successful.

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