It’s not about points, it’s about Surprise & delight membership.

The results are in - traditional loyalty programs don’t work well for live events. Realtime surprise & delight does! Combine realtime experiences passes with membership to further personalize customer moments and deepen customer loyalty and retention. Deliver personalized offers, exclusive access, and stored-value. Works with Apple and Google digital wallets, integrates with your existing app, and compatible with SMS and emails.

Increase group sales revenue and simplify customer spend with preloaded tickets.

Increase add-on revenue and preload stored-value directly on event ticket. Spend stored-value at any concession or retail. Extend beyond the venue and transfer stored-value to realtime experience pass or team mobile app.

Maximize return on your app investment with lava’s mobile sdk.

Integrate LAVA’s industry-leading mobile SDK into your existing mobile app and unlock realtime experience pass features. Push notifications, realtime analytics, offers, message inbox, and membership cards to name a few - all connected to LAVA’s realtime experience pass engine.

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