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make a big difference

Surprise, delight, & reward your fans with realtime experience passes.

Increase fan engagement and incremental revenue. Surprise with realtime offers. Delight with exclusive experiences. Reward with stored-value. Activate inside and outside venue. Works with Apple and Google digital wallets or with your own mobile app.

Instantly turn around a bad experience with Realtime service recovery.

Was the entrance slow? Was the merchandise line too long? Don’t let your fans leave unhappy. Provide an instant coupon and make things right 'in the moment.' Redeem at any point-of-sale (POS). Works with Apple and Google digital wallets.

It’s not about points, it’s about benefits with realtime Surprise & delight membership.

Results are in - traditional loyalty programs do not work for sports and live events - realtime surprise & delight does! Combine realtime experience passes and membership to personalize customer moments - deepend loyalty and retention. Realtime offers, exclusive access, and stored-value benefits are just the beginning. Works seamlessly with Apple and Google digital wallets.

Increase sponsorship sales and engagement.

Increase sales with realtime offers. Drive engagement with exclusive access. Motivate incremental spend with stored-value.

Happy employees = happy customers.

Secret is out - happy employees create happy customer experiences. Surprise & delight your employees with realtime benefits and rewards.

Make better decisions, faster with realtime analytics.

When it comes to fan experience and venue operations, we believe that bad news early is good news. LAVA Insights™ help venue operators optimize their business in realtime - while they can still make a difference.

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